Posts Claiming R. Kelly Abuse Are Taken Down

Saying it couldn’t confirm the author’s id, an internet site on Tuesday deleted posts by which an individual claiming to be a longtime girlfriend of the singer R. Kelly accused him of years of emotional and bodily abuse.

The account holder on the web site Patreon claiming to be Joycelyn Savage posted lurid allegations in opposition to Mr. Kelly over the weekend, claims that had been paying homage to accusations which were made in opposition to him by different girls, in information reviews and within the Lifetime documentary sequence, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

Multiple information retailers, together with The New York Times, reported on the posts this previous weekend. But on Tuesday, after a number of on-line commenters raised questions in regards to the authenticity of the posts, Patreon took them down.

“After multiple unsuccessful attempts to verify the identity of the account holder,” Patreon said in a statement, “we closed the Patreon page allegedly associated with Joycelyn Savage due to potential impersonation.”

Patreon pays writers based mostly on what number of paid month-to-month subscriptions they entice. The individual claiming to be Ms. Savage had drawn about 1,800 followers, every of whom paid at the least $three to view the three posts printed on Saturday and Sunday. Patreon mentioned all of the subscription funds could be refunded and the creator of the posts wouldn’t obtain any cash. It despatched an e mail to subscribers on Tuesday saying the account had been suspended due to “suspected fraud.”

The individual claiming to be Ms. Savage didn’t reply to a number of messages from The Times searching for clarification on her id. Nor did anybody claiming to be Ms. Savage publicly accuse the writer of getting impersonated her.

Mr. Kelly, 52, is in jail dealing with quite a few state and federal expenses together with little one pornography, sexual assault and obstruction of justice. He is also accused of bribing the family of a teenage girl so she would not testify against him in a child pornography trial, in which he was acquitted of all charges in 2008. His lawyer, Steve Greenberg, did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

The Patreon posts were striking not simply because of the abuse they described, but because the real Ms. Savage has been a staunch backer of Mr. Kelly, showing up to support him in court and defending him on national television. An Instagram page, also under Ms. Savage’s name, linked to the posts. Before the additions this past weekend, the Instagram page contained only two selfies of Ms. Savage, both from July 2017. Instagram said on Tuesday that it was reviewing the page in light of Patreon’s actions.

In the posts, the writer claiming to be Ms. Savage accused Mr. Kelly of controlling when she ate, bathed and used the bathroom; of choking her once when she didn’t address him as “Daddy” or “Master”; and impregnating her and forcing her to get an abortion.

Gerald Griggs, a lawyer representing Ms. Savage’s family, said they also tried to make contact with her through Patreon and the Instagram account, but were unsuccessful. The family has said Ms. Savage was being held by Mr. Kelly in a kind of emotional and sexual captivity, and that he had cut them off from contact with her.

Mr. Griggs said Ms. Savage’s parents still believe she is not in control of her life, even though Mr. Kelly has been in jail for months.

“With the potential dangers facing Joycelyn and her safety we are asking law enforcement to get involved in determining where Joycelyn is and who was behind the account that details potential crimes,” he said.

Ms. Savage, who lived with Mr. Kelly for several years, went on “CBS This Morning” in March along with Azriel Clary, another live-in girlfriend, saying they were staying with the singer voluntarily. Both have showed up at several court appearances in support of Mr. Kelly.

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